Audit & Review


Accurate and timely financial systems are part of any business. An audit or review provides the assurance the information reported is the right data to use. Audited or reviewed financial statements do not mean every aspect of a business is operating smoothly, but they do state that the data being used is a fairly safe basis to use to run the business.

Some of our services include:

  • Audit, Review and Compilations
  • Management Advisory Reports
  • Agreed Upon Procedures
  • Internal Controls

Financial Statements Lay the Foundation

Financial information comes from the accounting systems in place and the decisions made on how to treat entries. An organization’s general ledger system and processes is the bucket that captures data. If the data is entered into the right section of the bucket, then extracting that information and compiling it into the proper financial report will provide the architecture needed to make informed decisions.


RP&B is a quality oriented firm. We do not believe in excess audit measures, but we do believe that a quality audit requires all audit procedures to be followed. Shortcuts and assumptions in the audit world lead to exposure for our clients. This can put them at risk and provide them with reporting that may not allow them to make the best decisions possible. We are a relationship driven firm that provides advice backed by a high level of professional standards.