RP&B has been providing tax, audit, accounting and advisory services to a wide range of clients in the Inland Empire area for over 35 years.

Core Support

RP&B supports emerging to middle market companies and not-for-profit organizations. Our professionals have extensive experience and the ability to provide accurate information and advisory support for your leadership team. We ensure clients have up-to-date and timely financial reports and tax filings supported by proactive planning and analysis. A good reporting foundation helps make better decisions.


Profit & Advisory Focus

Our team is skilled in financial record keeping, but we excel with our Advisory services. RP&B becomes your trusted advisor to provide an independent and objective perspective. We will design a plan to help you move through the different stages of your business or personal life cycle or to address unique opportunities or obstacles that arise. We provide creative thinking, investigate unusual or unexpected events and monitor performance. Our professionals work to support you and help you succeed.



Knowledge is key to providing the value and support you deserve. That is why our professionals work to develop relationships and deliver personalized service that you won’t find elsewhere. We encourage open communication and are always available to discuss anything, from detailed financial issues to general business questions. The more we know the better we can support you.

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